Shane O’Malley

I always had an interest in art. I started painting graffiti in 2001 and went on to study Visual Communications in L.S.A.D. I continued to paint graffiti after college and began to paint a lot on canvas. I still paint the odd bit of graffiti now but I’ve switched to mainly working on paintings and street art murals. Starting that and writing crap on walls was a huge turning point in my life, it shaped my mindset.

The faces I paint are an expression of self. Over the years they developed from being dark expressions on walls to now being happy, positive faces. I approach my art like it’s a visual language. Whether it’s an idea to experiment with form or to explore how colours interact with each other, I always base my work around a concept that I want to express to the viewer. Be it a painting, mural or online I want people to respond to my work.  My solo exhibition “Home My Realisation” in Galway was a real milestone for me, it pulled from what seemed like a heavy place allowing me to let a lot of stuff go.

With Maser, Conor Harrington and James Earley leading the way for the Irish, I think there’s a growing want for great Irish art and design. I’m looking forward to seeing things going from strength to strength here in Ireland.

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