I was brought up in a creative household surrounded by a lot of music and art, so the odds on one of us kids becoming an artist were pretty high. I guess I was the lucky one.

I remember going to galleries in London and spending a lot of time drawing Superman with blunt felt tips. But I think the thing that had the strongest influence on me was all the books that were in the house. My tiny mind was bombarded with pages and pages of weird printed material that I almost had no choice but to try and add to the visual noise.

I have always loved printing material and in art school I spent a stupid amount of time researching revolutionary propaganda posters. Much of my work back then would have been attempting to marry simple bits of text with images using a lot of poster and comic techniques.


Studying art in Bristol at a time when the city was plastered with graffiti had a strong influence on my trajectory as an artist. During this time at art school I did the Erasmus at university in Barcelona where, immersed in another culture and language I really began to play around with images of other places. This love of travel was one of the things that spurred me to up sticks and move to Ireland.

The art making process is sometimes mysterious even to people who spend their lives making art. There are times that I will wake up with an idea clear in the forefront of my mind whereas other times I’ll work and work on a piece that by all reason should be decent but in the end comes to nothing.

If I could travel five years back in time I would probably tell myself to work outside more. Being an artist can be quite isolating so taking your practise out into the wider world, without the mediation of a gallery is a pretty empowering thing.


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