Creative Spotlight: Kevin Bohan

kevin-bohan-headshotMy name is Kevin and I am a full time artist and mural painter. I was a late bloomer and didn’t return to art until my mid-thirties. Best decision I ever made!

I am a lead volunteer at The Icon Factory artist co-operative based in Temple Bar, we help promote local artists by offering them a free space to exhibit and to promote Irish culture. I am a member of the Blind Elephant Illustration Collective who are a group of creatives who come together several times a year to draw, post images on our blog and have exhibitions. I run ‘creative sessions’ workshops with youth groups and schools introducing teenagers and younger people to mural painting, spray painting, stencils and the therapeutic and expressive positives of art.

I love street art and graffiti but also all forms of self-expression and creativity and I try to do one piece of art everyday. I photographed street art/graffiti around Dublin for five years and set up the Dublin Urban Art Facebook page

There are so many great artists working out there, both in Ireland and abroad. I would definitely like to give a shout out to Kathrina Rupit and Iljin who I both greatly admire. They are both a pleasure to paint and socialise with and their positivity is energising. A couple of people I paint with regularly Ideal, DeFree and El Viz who are very supportive and talented individuals.

Other artists out there that inspire me would include Robert Crumb, Blu, David Choe, Conor Harrington, Smug, Nychos to name a few… there are just too many!

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