Creative Spotlight: John Flynn

johnflynnwebsiteI am a freelance artist based in Cork City, and a graduate of the Crawford College of Art and Design.

My work is about being able to escape the real world for just one moment, and being able to have fun with your own imagination. I apply this approach to all aspects of my work, from finding that simple link with plants and animals with my paintings or skateboard designs, to fusing the line between fantasy and history with ‘The 32’ series. All of my work has a personal story behind it, but it also allows the viewer to take from their own meaning or story from it.

The hurleys began in a similar way to ‘The 32’, being based on a sense of mythology. The hurley being an ancient part of our culture and mythology, I wanted to experiment with putting my own designs on them. From there they take different paths, with some designs being based on meanings personal to a customer, for example relating to their club, county, family crests or personal history, to designs being based on links to our history, our culture, our native language, our wildlife, and elements of pop culture.

James Jean, J.A.W. Cooper and Luke Sisk would be 3 artists which I would take creative inspiration from. James Jean and JAW Cooper are amazing artists that bring such an easy flow to expressing their imagination and no limit to what can be created on any format of surface. While Luke Sisk is closer to home inspiration, an artistic titan with a fantastic work ethic and positive attitude!

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