Jessica Rooney Deane

I’ve always loved drawing and making things since I was young. It wasn’t until I was doing my portfolio course in the BCFE and I got to focus all my energy on doing artistic things five days a week that I realised I loved this type of work. Then in my 2nd year of college we had to make book covers for films that we loved. I chose Wes Anderson as a theme as he makes all of his props for his films, so I thought I’d try and physically make these book covers with paper. My Wes Anderson book covers will always be my favourite as they’re what started this love of paper.

I fell in love with making pieces. I always try and make or draw things physically and then put them together digitally. I like to mix both together to make the final piece. I usually begin with a small sketch, so that I know I have the placement of everything and the sizes are right. And then if it’s a portrait, I’ll sketch everything out by eye on each piece of coloured paper I’m using, and use one piece to measure what size the next piece should be. So for a paper portrait, I start off with the head and use the head to measure then draw the hair on the next piece of coloured paper, and so on. Or if it’s a paper building, I start with the biggest main colour, then build the rest of the colours such as the windows or doors within the cut out spaces.

I think the creative industry in Ireland is really starting to thrive. There seems to be a lot more going on and a lot more opportunities in Ireland for creative people. I’m really inspired by Oliver Jeffers, Emily Hughes, Fatti Burke and Jon Klassen, to name a few. I love when I see people in Ireland making amazing things in the creative industry as it is so encouraging and inspiring.

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