Creative Spotlight: Holly Pereira

hollyperierawebsiteHolly Pereira studied Fine Art in NCAD, graduating in 2004. She first practiced as a painter until she moved into illustration in 2011.

It was through illustration that she found her love of lettering, and the combination of words and images. Not content with only still images, she returned to education in 2013, and received a Higher National Diploma in Animation from the Irish School of Animation in 2015.

She set up her company Hyper Pictures in 2015, which deals in illustration, animation, murals and graphic design, with a focus on typography. She added signwriting to her skillset last year.

For Holly, inspiration comes from many other Irish creatives. “At the moment, Dublin is full of really creative people making great work. I love the work of streetartists like Dan Leo, Novice, and Solus for the scale, and sense of social interaction. Signwriters like Signs of Power and Mack Signs are currently creating an environment that supports traditional signwriting done in a contemporary way. Fellow illustrators in the Blind Elephant Collective (of which I am a part) have a really varied and exciting approach which is refreshing. I love the work of Lauren O’Neill, Fatti Burke, Sarah Bowie, who are fantastic Irish illustrators. In terms of animation, I absolutely love the work of Cartoon Saloon, everything they make looks gorgeous. And lastly, while we’re on animation, I can’t wait to see anything Louise Bagnall (IR) or Alex Grigg (AU) makes, it’s contemporary animation at its finest”.

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