From a young age art was always something I was good at that wasn’t forced. I figured just do something you love and opportunities will arise from that. After uni I was working two part-time jobs and lost them both in the space of a month. I took that as my cue to start working towards becoming self-employed.

There have been lots of small insignificant moments that looking back have played a role in defining me. Some people I have met along the way have guided me, some paintings I have seen in a museum have really inspired me, and some books I’ve read have changed the way I see the world.

My aesthetic has had to evolve and adapt to sitting in an urban setting as previously I had only ever made art for gallery walls. I have had to simplify some elements and develop my technical abilities for others so that I can achieve an aesthetic that is unique, that works succinctly and is also fun for me to paint. 

Sometimes a visual come to me, sometimes I have to sit down and write out ideas or words associated with whatever the project is. The process involves photography, drawing, making graphics, and then combining them. Sometimes a design comes together straight away, other times it needs to be reworked a few times to get it right. I have gone to walls with just one idea and  let the rest happen as I go along. Its hit and miss and in my case, mostly miss.

I take inspiration from many facets. There are so many talented artists in Ireland, and the scene is starting to get the recognition it deserves with artists like Maser and KinMX breaking internationally in the past few years.

Emic is one of forty global street artists taking part in Hit the North with Beck’s on 21 – 22 September in Belfast.  

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