Creative Spotlight: Dreaming of Jupiter

dreamingofjupiterwebFormed in 2015, Dreaming Of Jupiter are a 3 piece band currently based in Dublin.

Our music is a fusion of ambient and electronic flavours with soulful vocals. The genre of this music – it combines many influences to form an elegant blend of melodic pop with electronica, and trip hop.

We released our Alt-Pop influenced debut single ‘Light Of My Life’ in Whelan’s Dublin on October 20th. For the single launch, we collaborated with a team of Dublin’s most talented artists to host an event which comprised a night of music fused with visual art.

Creatively speaking, we consider ourselves to be heavily inspired by various artistic mediums, and so we decided to explore this concept for their single release by inviting some of our favourite artists to create a work of art in their chosen medium inspired by their music. Preceding our performance, a selection of artists exhibited original works, which were inspired by the single ‘Light Of My Life’. These pieces were exciting interpretations of the song, expressed through various artistic mediums including painting, sculpture, graffiti art and textile design. The event was a celebration of the artistic process, creativity and inspiration.

Dreaming of Jupiter - Light of my Life

Our influences are diverse. We are inspired by lots of different artists from Kate Bush and Alicia Keys to Jack Garratt and Bonobo (we love how he takes sounds from everyday life and implements them into his music to create soundscapes). We also consider ourselves to be often inspired by visual art and film (hence the concept for our Light Of My Life single launch).

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(Photographs courtesy of Darragh Munnis)