Creative Spotlight: Disposable Collective

I have always been fascinated about seeing behind the scenes photographs of artists, musicians and photographers doing what they do. They always offer up an incredibly rare glimpse of themselves in their studio space and in their home and this is something that we don’t quite often see. From this I created the Disposable Collective in 2015, it’s started as a slow process but it has really started to pick up pace the past few months.

Disposable Collective is a one man run operation. It’s run by myself, Ian Blount. What we do is, we send each artist that agrees to take part in the project a disposable camera where they have 27 shots to capture their world. We ultimately leave it open for them to photograph anything they wish and so far we’ve had some great images captured by the artists involved. The artist then sends the camera back to us and we start developing and scanning in the images. It’s a really fun and creative way for everyone involved to take photographs. We’re now living in a snap happy world where everyone is taking tonnes of photographs each day and this takes it back to it’s roots of taking your time to capture an image. It’s also great to hear that the artists had so much fun taking part and the developing of the photographs always makes for an exciting experience for both ourselves and the artists involved as we see the images come to life.

My plan is to expand and open the project into a variety of different mediums. Ideally, I want to create and release a yearly magazine of all our featured artists and to hold an exhibition of the images in Dublin. However, none of that is set in stone and like everything it all boils down to planning and costs.  Seeing as this project is funded solely by myself, at the moment I am looking at all of the costs to create and to hold something like this. I am currently in the latter stages of creating the magazine so hopefully there will be an announcement before the summer.

We couldn’t possibly pick out one particular person who inspires us, however in terms of creative publications, This Greedy Pig, The Locals and Guts Magazine are all doing a stand up job and everyone should be following them!

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Photograph: ADW

Photograph: All Out Design

Photograph: ADW

Photograph: Shane O’Driscoll

Photograph: Mick Minogue

Photograph: Dewey Saunders