Billy Mac Donald

Billy Mac Donald

My earliest memories are of a fond relationship with creativity. I grew up an only child in a large Victorian B&B run by my parents, so I had space to dig through a pile of Lego or to create works of art using Microsoft Paint on my hand-me-down PC. When given the choice I decided to study Modelmaking, Design and Digital Effects rather than Industrial Design as I had more of an attachment to thinking about characters and their worlds than thinking about real world objects.

I have worked in a few different industries since graduating, including the prosthetics department for several TV shows, architectural modelmaking and design workshops with children. As for my own design practice, my sketchbooks are at the heart of everything I do. I use sketchbooks to tease out ideas, develop characters and build worlds. I believe in beginning any project with good research, lots of studies/prototyping and keeping your mind open to the clues that will help you unravel your subject.

I am excited to explore different mediums and processes. Some of my projects start with pencil, paper or plasticine and end up becoming a digital render or Photoshop painting. For the last two years photography has been a very important creative outlet for me. Making and editing images feels so different to drawing and designing but they share a certain spontaneity. Photography has changed the way I see the world and the way I think about images.

I am inspired by people on the fringes of the creative industry, past and present. Creatives that aren’t afraid of making something deeply sad, disturbing, beautiful, strange, embarrasing or delicate. What is the point of arts if it doesn’t say anything truthful.

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