Creative Spotlight: Aisling Conroy

aconroyportraitAisling is a Dublin based artist, primarily working with painting, sound and installation. She graduated from the National College of Art and Design with a BA in Fine Art Print 2009 and an MFA in 2011.

She has a solo exhibition coming up in February 2017 at the Olivier Cornet Gallery called Bardo. Bardo (derives from Bardo Thodol in the Tibetan Book of the Dead) explores the idea of intention, reincarnation and repetition. Her paintings resemble meditative aids inspired by Eastern religious iconography and Tantric art and examine the process of transformation within love, life, death and rebirth.
In Bardo, Aisling is collaborating with NIVAL and Zen Ireland with events that will be held and open to the public over the course of the exhibition.

When asked who inspires her, Aisling struggles to mention anyone too specific. “Ireland is bursting with brilliant minds. I adore the work of the Dublin based Irish animation company And Maps and Plans who are currently working hard on their latest film ‘An Island.’ Musically, I would have to chose Cua – they’re a homegrown band from my native county Laois and extremely talented and imaginative with their sound.”

Aisling also produces some illustration and design work with the newly formed Studio Blasta, and also with the Blind Elephants Illustration Collective and she is currently working on a children’s storybook, which she hopes to make into an animated short.

“The illustration work is very different from my main art practice, but drawing, as sentimental as it may sound, is the joy and food for my soul – this is where it all begins.”

‘Bardo’ will be officially opened by performance artist Pauline Cummins on Sunday 5th February at the Olivier Cornet Gallery, Great Denmark Street, Dublin.

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