I always drew growing up, pretty much every day and then when I started graffiti I started to draw letters. This lead to me painting characters beside my friends’ graph pieces as well as my own.

My style has gone from trying to pull off wildstyle graffiti to simplifying it to a more graphic style. I paint simple tag style letters, but try to add a different element to them each time. I design a lot of my stuff on a computer now so there are endless possibilities for experimentation when designing a piece.

I mostly start off with a tag that I have done with a chisel marker if I am painting letters. If I am painting a character I will start with a photo. I’ll open either of them in Photoshop and just play around with them until I’m happy with it. I tend to be as critical as possible with my own work so I usually end up not liking most of my own stuff after a short time, although there are still a few letters I am happy with.

Derry is probably my favourite place I’ve painted, the Release the Pressure jam was held there in 2015 and it was crazy. There were so many spots available to paint around the city, it gave everyone an opportunity to get a lot done over the weekend.

If I could travel back in time and give myself one piece of advice? I would tell myself to paint more often.

Aches is one of forty global street artists taking part in Hit the North with Beck’s on 21 – 22 September in Belfast.  

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