I’m a self taught artist, I’m 34 years old living in Clare and having been tipping away at various personal art projects all my life.


I came across the work of Kurt Wenner ( a 3D street artist ) a number of years ago and it wasn’t until 2013 after drawing and practising 3D art at my kitchen table that I decided to try a larger piece. I bought some linoleum, (12 x 10 foot) and armed with a box of chalks, some string and a lot of spare time, I made a giant bear trap design on my sitting room floor.


After a lot of support and encouragement from friends and family I send images of the piece around to various marketing agencies to get commission work…..since then I’ve created 27 different designs for some of the biggest clients like Sky, RTE, Meteor, Google…etc.




I’ve never been happier, I’m doing what I love and travel all around the country meeting people and sharing my passion for art.

One very inspirational artist, if I had to pick one would be Leon Keer. A renowned 3D Street Artist with a fantastic approach to his painting style, he manages to create fantastic depth in his paintings, both a visual depth and a depth in his content too, making you take so much more from the piece than just it’s 3 dimensional values.


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