Creative Spotlight: Kathrina Rupit

kathrina-rupitI’ve wanted to be an artist since I was a child. I didn’t know what kind, but I imagined a lifestyle with a house full of brushes.

When I was around 13 years old I started tagging, which I’m not proud of, but I was young. Then I started using stickers and paste-ups because I wanted more creative expression. It also made more sense because if I was ever caught by the police I’d be in a lot of trouble. Instead, I was able to paint at home and in a matter of seconds paste it on a wall.

I’m a passionate person, I dedicate my days to painting, drawing and trying to improve, and am always searching for inspiration. Currently, I’m in a phase of letting it flow.

I don’t have specific artists that inspire my work. I have a bunch of artist friends that inspire my life and I admire their talent and dedication, If I were to mention a few Iljin, JMk , DMC, all the girls from Minaw Collective (Bubu, Novice, Harriet, Friz, Loki Nom Nom, Estr, Made) , Oner , Kvlr, ADW, Kevin Bohan and many more.

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