Creative Spotlight: Friz

frizI’m a Belfast based artist who works in both traditional and digital  mediums, currently focused on spray painting. I feel an immense drive to  create, whether crafting or painting, and it was encouraged at a young age.

I studied classical animation and my style stems from that. I’ve always had an appreciation of the female form and it figures largely in my work. My inspiration revolves around themes of identity; who we are, where we come from and our relationship to nature. Celtic mythology is something that crops up in my work a lot.

There are so many amazing artists across different genres that inspire me. On an international level Sainer and Natalia Rak are two that come to mind. Both use amazing colour palettes and have awesome illustrative styles. There’s a large number of phenomenal home-grown artists on this island as well. Surrounding yourself with like minded creative people is a great way to keep yourself inspired and motivated.

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