Creative Spotlight: Cat Gavin

cat-headshotI’m an illustrator from Mayo, however I’ve been studying and working in Dublin/Maynooth since 2011.Since I graduated from Visual Communication Design in NCAD, I’ve been working as a freelance Illustrator, focusing on the themes that interest me the most.

I love oddities in nature and find that my illustration style over the past few years has been inspired by idiosyncrasies found in organic forms.

Over the past while I’ve been collaborating with musicians and people from different creative backgrounds.My most recent projects have been album covers and posters. Each project is an exciting opportunity for me to experiment and develop. I think that’s why I do it!

Having always been inspired by murky atmospheres and strong line work, I find myself looking to Harry Clarke‘s Illustrations. They never cease to amaze me and every chance I get I go to the Hugh Lane Gallery to absorb his illuminated stained glass windows. I also love the work of Karmazid, Ellen Jewett and Andy Goldsworthy.

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